5 tips to find the right office location in London

Find a Serviced office 27th February 2020




Finding the right office location in London can be a difficult task and whether you are a large or a small business with a big or small office space budget, the location of your business will be determined by factors such as:


1) Easy access to your office premises

When you’re looking for the perfect office space in a perfect location it helps to have a clear idea of the needs of your clients and employees.


Easy access to your office premises near train stations and tube stations is beneficial for you, your employees and clients. Additionally, parking spaces are also important. If you drive to the office you have to consider the London congestion charge.


2) Prestigious location

It is known that the image of your business matters to your clients. A way to enhance the image of your company is to have your office in a prestigious location. You need to ask yourself a question. Do I need a very prestigious location in central London? Or is an office outside Central London suitable for me?


3) A location that offers value for money and flexibility

For many businesses, the question is, how can you find affordable office space in Central London? Serviced office space gives you the opportunity to have an affordable office with a monthly licence agreement. This gives you control over your budget. Subject to availability a flexible office provider should give you the opportunity to have additional office space as your business grows or if necessary, move you into smaller offices.


4) An office with fast and reliable internet connectivity

Internet connectivity has become one of the main points when finding your ideal office space. Make sure that you get the best bandwidth and speeds possible.


5) A good location for networking

Something that you must not overlook is the opportunity of networking in the workspace. In a business centre, there is a combination of small and medium-sized enterprises, from start-up companies, entrepreneurs to more established businesses and international firms.


Business centres give you an ideal opportunity for networking. If you go for the serviced office space option in a business centre checking which companies are already based in the building can be advantageous for you.



Make sure that you have all the information before deciding on the right office. The location of your company can have a very positive or adverse effect on your business. Consider the transport links, value for money offered by your office provider, consider how prestigious you need your office location to be and also reliability of the internet connection and networking potential in offer.


Article Source: https://lentabusinesscentres.co.uk/5-tips-to-find-the-right-office-location-for-your-business-in-london/ .


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