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Additional Costs

Serviced offices offer companies truly turnkey solutions that appeal to a broad spectrum of requirements. Serviced office providers are typically responsible for the day-to-day management of your office space and while most expenses are covered by your license fee, there are a number of costs that are not.

What’s Included

As you would expect, basic rent is covered in your license fee alongside uniform business rates, service charge and building insurance. General furniture and office equipment will also be included but any requests for additional furniture will incur an additional charge. Below is a list of what you can expect to be included in the license fee from a reputable serviced office provider.

What’s Included & What’s Not

As you would expect, services and costs vary greatly from provider to provider and location to location. Below however is a summary of what is generally included in your serviced office ‘license’, and what you could expect to pay in addition to your monthly fee.

Core Property Costs

Rent Included
Uniform Business Rates & Services Included
Service Charge Included
Building Insurance Included

Cap-Ex Costs

Furniture Included
Office Equipment Included
Reception Accommodation Included

Ongoing Services Costs

Administration Included
Air Conditioning Included
IT & Telecoms Included
Electricity/Utilities Included
Heating Included
Hot Water Included
Security Included
Cleaning Included
Water Charges Included
Tea/Coffee/Water Included
Washroom & Hygiene Included
Window Cleaning Included
Gardening & Landscaping Included
Refuse Clearing Included
Reception Personnel Included

Maintenance and Legals

Building Maintenance Included
Fire Procedures & Precautions Included
Life Maintenance Included
Health & Safety Management Included

Other Fees and Charges

Lease Negotiation Included
Liability for Unexpired Term of Lease Included
Professional Services Fees Inc Agent Included
Liability for Lease Termination Reinstatement Costs Included

Business Centre Services & Administration

Post and Mail Franking Cost + 25%
Out of Hours Call Answering £50 per month
Courier and Taxi Refer to Business Centre
Faxing Self Service Free of Charge
Binding £3 for up to 20 pages. £1 for every additional 20 pages
Printing or Copying 10p per page (black & white)
90p per page (less than 100 copies in colour)
70p per page (more than 100 copies in colour)

Equipment *

LED TV (built into room) Free of Charge
LED TV (portable – roll into room) Free of Charge
Projector & Portable Screen £25 Set Up Fee
Flipchart Free of Charge
Site Laptop Hire £25 Set Up Fee
Conference Phone £25 Set Up Fee
Video Conferencing Additional £30 to Meeting Room Rate
*All equipment is subject to availability


Bottled Water £3 per Bottle
Tea, Coffee & Biscuits £3 per Person
Soft Drinks From £1 per Bottle
Any In-House Catering Refer to Business Centre


Laundry & Dry Cleaning Refer to Business Centre
Newspapers Refer to Business Centre
Ad-Hoc Hot Desking (where available) £10 per Hour
Security Call Out £90
Handyman (hanging artwork, assembling furniture, moving desks etc) £50 per Hour
Additional Swipe Cards / Fob Keys / Pedestal Keys £35
Additional Office Keys £35
Key Door Lock Change (inc 2 Keys) £130


Voice & Data Products and Services Installation Cost Monthly Cost Descriptions
Fast 100Mbps shared internet connection £195.00 £99.00 1000Mb shared connection is included in your Business Services Package (BSP) which is £99 per month. Installation cost is per company. No external IP address included
Additional Data Services Installation Cost Monthly Cost Descriptions
Managed Wi-Fi Service £0.00 £25.00 Your own Wi-Fi Network connected to your private network, running on our Enterprise Managed Wi-Fi Solution
Data Port (internet) £25.00 £15.00 To connect a customer provided Wireless Access Point or printer requiring internet access
Data Port (no internet) £25.00 £12.00 To connect a printer or server not requiring internet access
External IP Address £25.00 (per order) £10.00 A fixed, or ‘static’, Public IP Address is one which is routable from the public internet and is normally used for the server, router and firewall type devices (ie those which need to connect to the outside world).
Available as either a single address or a block of 5 of our Public IP Addresses also come with an uplink connection to the LAN (inside) and a WAN / internet connection (outside)
Dedicated internet connection – up to 45Mb £195.00 £100.00 We can provide dedicated (uncontended) data connections if required
Communication Room Services Installation Cost Monthly Cost Descriptions
Services / Equipment in Racks: Full Rack £500.00 £375.00 Space allocated in rack or cabinet
Services / Equipment in Racks: Half Rack £300.00 £200.00 Space allocated in rack or cabinet
Services / Equipment in Racks: Qtr Rack £150.00 £125.00 Space allocated in rack or cabinet
Services / Equipment in Racks: 3U £100.00 £70.00 Space allocated in rack or cabinet
Services / Equipment in Racks: 1U £75.00 £25.00 Space allocated in rack or cabinet
Additional Voice Services Installation Cost Monthly Cost Descriptions
Additional main company number answered by the switchboard in the company name £25.00 £80.00 Business centres reserve the right to charge additional fees for this service if inbound call traffic exceeds 150 calls answered on any business day
Additional DDI with voicemail per handset £25.00 £20.00 If you need another phone number with a phone number applied to a single handset
Call Recording (available at certain centres only) £200.00 £50 per month per user account / extension Whether you are looking to improve call productivity, drive customer satisfaction, or simply comply with regulatory requirements, our FSA compliant call recording solution will support all recording requirements in any size business
IP Conference Station Speaker Phone £200.00 £50.00 Polycom Soundstation IP 5000 Conference Phone or similar
Fax to Email £25.00 £10.00 A fax number that delivers inbound faxes as an email attachment

U” – is the standard unit of measure for designating the vertical usable space or height of comms racks – 1U = 1.75 Inches (44.45 mm)
A Router or a switch are typically 1U each.
A server can be anywhere between 1U and 5U
In the interest of cost, it is advisable to minimize any equipment required in a serviced office rack.

Important Points to Note:

Meeting room prices will be much lower if negotiated as part of a meeting room package.Unused hours in a meeting room package will expire each month, therefore it is important to have a good handle on how many hours you intend to use prior to negotiating any package.

Meeting rooms cancelled within 24 hours are subject to 100% cancellation fee. There is no charge for cancellations with more than 24 hours’ notice.

Be aware of the notice terms within a serviced office license.Nearly all providers will roll the licence for at least 3 months or the same as the previous term should the notice period be missed.

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Tip # 21

When renting a private office for, say, 10 people, it’s very important to ascertain what desk size a provider is offering. This will ultimately determine the overall size of the dedicated space that you are taking. Most companies prefer to offer their people 1400mm desks as these provide sufficient working space without creating cramped conditions whilst also maximizing use of valuable floor space. Some providers offer 1200mm as standard which will not be suitable for some companies. On the other hand 1600mm desks will take up considerably more space and increase your monthly outlay. For this reason, it is wise to check what desk size every provider is offering.

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