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Broker vs Direct

With the seemingly ever-increasing choice of coworking providers, many of whom have their own in-house sales-teams, it’s easier than ever to gain access to the serviced office market. However the vast array of options and scenarios can make navigation somewhat of a minefield for those who lack the time or knowledge. As mentioned throughout this site, coworking environments vary greatly in all aspects – from design and amenities to service and clientele. There are also approximately 250 serviced officed spaces inside the M25 alone, with London holding the award for the world’s largest collection of coworking space – 8% of total office space!

Knowledge is Power

We believe that in order to truly serve a client’s needs we must initially develop an in depth understanding of your business and your aspirations. Your unique staff demographics, your mission and objectives, plans for growth, strengths, perceived weaknesses and financial stability. Your DNA. Only when armed with this vital information can a real assessment be made and a tailored coworking space shortlist be created. When dealing directly with a serviced office provider there may be occasions where a perfect fit is just not feasible but the pressure to make a placement will understandably override the luxury of choice.

Using a Broker to source a Serviced Office

  • The service is free of charge and without obligation unlike Commercial Agent representation which necessitates a fee and potential exclusivity clauses limiting the breadth of your options
  • Competition between our suite of rival providers results in a greater contest for your business, thereby achieving best value.
  • You are subsequently able to leverage this knowledge to negotiate yourself an unbeatable deal
  • Our long term relationships with key decision makers within the serviced office industry mean that we are able to circumnavigate the red tape and escalate negotiations to the right level when sales people are constrained by targets and commissions
  • We are independent and focused on the best solution – we give no nonsense advice. It is not in our interest to misrepresent the market and our serviced office partners respect our independence.

“We believe that in order to truly serve a client’s needs, there needs to be a meaningful understanding of a company‘s ’DNA’, the very fabric of its being…”

As an impartial entity, dealing with ALL coworking providers, Find a Serviced Office has no allegiance to any one provider. Our allegiance is solely to our clients and our mission is to secure you the best possible deal. This is where our relationships come into play.

At Find a Serviced Office we operate in a dual capacity. For those clients who like to take a more hands on approach our comprehensive search portal provides everything you need to conduct a detailed search and puts you in contact with right people.

If you feel that you would benefit from our unique experience and knowledge, we are on hand to guide you through the process.


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