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How you can keep working during the Coronavirus outbreak

    Another article about the Coronavirus…I’m afraid so but this one is to tell you how you can keep working during the coronavirus outbreak! As you already know, it’s affected the entire world and it’s having a huge impact on businesses. It seems Everyone is panicking, businesses are closing their doors, traders are having…

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10 Ways Renting A Serviced Office Can Save You Money

10 ways renting a serviced office can save you money   Renting an office can be costly and time-consuming. Rent, furnishings, utilities and maintenance soon add up. Given these expenses and the cost of time to put it all together, more and more companies are turning to cost-effective and convenient solutions, like Serviced Offices. Serviced…

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How to Build Relationships at Work

How to build relationships at work   Business is all about relationships. Good relationships lead to improved communication, productive teamwork and, ultimately, a better chance of success, whatever your business objectives are. The following tips are general enough to apply to most professional situations, whether you’re managing a team yourself or you’re a new face…

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&Meetings has relaxed its cancellation policy due to the coronavirus

  &Meetings has relaxed its cancellation policy due to the coronavirus. The new cancellation terms are available until 30th April 2020. &Meetings released a statement saying:   We are very aware that the current uncertainties affecting the UK, and indeed the world, are making planning meetings very difficult for our clients and their delegates. To…

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