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So what exactly is Coworking? In a nutshell it’s a relaxed yet professional style of working that involves sharing a workplace with multiple companies from differing industries. Some say it’s foundations lay in Berlin’s hacker movement back in the mid-1990s. It’s a collaborative, social form of working that addresses the lack of productivity experienced by so many home-based workers and offers a welcome alternative to the often unsocial and cellularised business centres that were very much the norm back then. Today, Coworking is as popular as ever, with thousands of serviced office providers offering space around the globe; each one providing the community aspect that so many seek to promote productivity.

Why Coworking?

Aside from the intrinsic social and creative benefits of a coworking environment, it is the freedom that this engenders which creates the greatest attraction for every type of company. It promotes freedom in the form of tailored, flexible contract terms that requires little initial outlay and facilitates hassle free cancellation or renegotiation. The office environment that we once knew, whilst far from being a thing of the past, has most certainly evolved – we help you take advantage of this.


We believe that ‘fit’ is of paramount importance when searching for and selecting your ideal serviced office space. Whether you are a freelancer, SME or global corporate, it is vital that your coworking space reflects your business, staff needs, brand or values as closely as possible.


Hot desking that might be suitable for start-up media company will almost certainly not work for a hedge fund and this is why we focus so heavily on an industry-driven search approach backed by our thorough knowledge of the marketplace and coworking industry as a whole.


Not all coworking spaces offer the same level of data feed or security. Perhaps you need FCA compliant call recording or secure badge entry to your private office suite? Parking is a must? These are just a few of many different factors that may come into consideration when selecting your space.

Bridging a gap before moving to a traditionally-leased office?
We have you covered…

Our enhanced search-portal covers 98% of the flexible office space within the M25 with relationships to match. It’s fair to say that coworking is our passion. We know exactly what spaces will work for your business and why. We’ll highlight and explain the additional costs that you can expect in any serviced agreement and negotiate the best terms for you wherever possible. In short, we’ll have your back every step of the way.


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