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Dedicated Desks

A ‘fixed desk’ or dedicated desk is a term that was coined with the arrival of the hot desk. A fixed desk is one that is dedicated to a person or member of staff and is the scenario of choice for full-time office-based personnel, or for those that cannot work without a full desktop computer system.

Dedication Comes at a Price

In the world of serviced office spaces, desks are largely only offered on a fixed or hot desk basis. One can expect to pay a premium of anything up to 20% and beyond for a dedicated desk in a coworking space. However, for some this is the only option, and provides the routine and stability that hot desking simply cannot.


We believe that ‘fit’ is of paramount importance when searching for and selecting your ideal serviced office space. Whether you are a freelancer, SME or global corporate, it is vital that your coworking space reflects your business, staff needs, brand or values as closely as possible.


Hot desking that might be suitable for start-up media company will almost certainly not work for a hedge fund and this is why we focus so heavily on an industry-driven search approach backed by our thorough knowledge of the marketplace and coworking industry as a whole.


Not all coworking spaces offer the same level of data feed or security. Perhaps you need FCA compliant call recording or secure badge entry to your private office suite? Parking is a must? These are just a few of many different factors that may come into consideration when selecting your space.

Bridging a gap before moving to a traditionally-leased office?
We have you covered…

With a fixed desk or dedicated desk, a pedestal storage cabinet can be included, as well as a dedicated landline phone. This is in contrast to a storage locker and mobile phone which is generally associated with a hot desk setup.

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