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Desk Sizing

Desk sizing is seldom even considered when selecting a suitable coworking space. In reality however, the size of a desk can make a world of difference to your office experience. Generally, office desks come in the following four widths; 1000mm, 1200mm 1400mm or 1600mm wide. General height is regarded as 730 mm across the office furniture industry.

So why is desk sizing so important? Well apart from the obvious day-to-day benefit of a larger working area, serviced office providers themselves offer private office suites based on the number of desks included with any given space. Therefore a private office for 6 persons complete with 1000mm desks will be significantly smaller than a similarly advertised office for 6 persons complete with 1600mm desks. How much space do your people need to work effectively? How many monitors do you require? It is therefore very wise to either confirm the sizes of desks offered or at the very least commit to viewing in person. At Find a Serviced Office we know the desk sizes of ALL of our provider partners and are happy to provide you with all of the management information to make an informed decision.

The Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA)


Minimum width – 610mm (61cm) per person
Minimum depth clearance at knee level – 456mm (46cm)
Minimum depth clearance at foot level – 610mm (61cm)
Minimum height clearance at foot level – 102mm (10.2cm)


Minimum width – 508mm (50.8cm)
Minimum depth – This dimension depends on what you want to put on the desk


We believe that ‘fit’ is of paramount importance when searching for and selecting your ideal serviced office space. Whether you are a freelancer, SME or global corporate, it is vital that your coworking space reflects your business, staff needs, brand or values as closely as possible.


Hot desking that might be suitable for start-up media company will almost certainly not work for a hedge fund and this is why we focus so heavily on an industry-driven search approach backed by our thorough knowledge of the marketplace and coworking industry as a whole.


Not all coworking spaces offer the same level of data feed or security. Perhaps you need FCA compliant call recording or secure badge entry to your private office suite? Parking is a must? These are just a few of many different factors that may come into consideration when selecting your space.

Bridging a gap before moving to a traditionally-leased office?We have you covered…

Did you know….

London, like most major cities has ‘industry pockets’. When selecting a home for your business, aside from price and convenience, you should consider the location and if it ‘fits’ with your industry. For example, in London the ‘City’ is synonymous with finance, whereas Hoxton is known for media and/or creative type industries. Selecting the right ‘fit’ will help to attract/retain the right talent and customers.


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