How you can keep working during the Coronavirus outbreak

Find a Serviced office 16th March 2020




Another article about the Coronavirus…I’m afraid so but this one is to tell you how you can keep working during the coronavirus outbreak!

As you already know, it’s affected the entire world and it’s having a huge impact on businesses.

It seems Everyone is panicking, businesses are closing their doors, traders are having meltdowns, and we’re all stressed.

Coronavirus is all that’s being talked about. It’s in the media and every post on social media seems to be about it, we just can’t escape it and as well as having a huge impact on day to day life, its also affecting our mental health.

The fact is we need some normality, we need to work and we NEED to keep going about our lives because this virus could be here to stay.

There are ways to continue working and one of those ways is by utilising the services that coworking space providers offer, it’s called a Virtual Office.

What is a Virtual Office?

Virtual Offices are a cost-effective way of placing your business in a prestigious location, without the hassle and cost of a physical move. For a modest monthly fee, you can benefit from an attractive business address and a local phone number.

Subject to your plan there are a host of features that a virtual office might offer. For example, you can have a live receptionist answer business calls in your company name. Callers can then either be redirected to your personal number or messages can be taken and passed on via email.

Company correspondence can of course also be handled through your virtual office address, where a team will be on hand to receive and forward all company mail as applicable.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office’s flexibility and wide range of benefits mean that it allows many businesses to grow their sales, for example:

  • People just starting a business who don’t want to use their home address and mobile number on their documents
  • Professionals who work out of their clients’ offices and yet still need to maintain an independent marketing identity
  • Businesses expanding into new cities or countries
  • Companies that know they can serve different geographies yet need to show their interest there to win business
  • Operators who need a receptionist or admin support, however, can’t justify going to the risk, expense and hassle of hiring an employee
  • Sales teams who spend most of the day at prospects’ offices but who need a safe and productive space to work between meetings
  • Global travellers who need consistent premium offices and support in the world’s most dynamic cities
  • Anyone who wants to have a 5-star corporate presence without the multi-million pound spend that it requires
  • Anyone forced to work from home due to global pandemics such as the Coronavirus 

What’s included in a Virtual Office?

This varies with each provider but is likely to include:

  • A prestige address that becomes your address to use on your letterheads, business cards or for business registration
  • Assigned a local telephone number that can transfer through to mobiles
  • Mail management
  • Dedicated receptionist to answer your calls as you would like and transfer them to you
  • Unique password WiFi with 99.9% uptime service
  • Access to a system to remotely update your call answering, your schedule and call forwarding options
  • Secretaries and IT support team available to assist your business on-site or remotely
  • 24/7 voicemail with voice-to-email
  • Print from any desk in our coworking space
  • Option to book private offices, hot desks and meeting rooms at the business address.

*Please note that these services vary with each provider, however, you may be able to add-on services where they are not included as standard.

How can I get a Virtual Office?

Finding a virtual office provider is very simple. All you need to do is search through our available virtual offices and then contact our team who will talk you through all the benefits that are included, the costs, and how to get you set up quickly and easily.

I want a Virtual Office with a prestige London address, can you help?

Yes! We have virtual office providers across London are some of the most exclusive addresses available. Please give our team a call on 0203 965 7400 to discuss your requirements. On average we save our clients between 5-15% on fees compared to provider advertised rates.

How expensive is a Virtual Office?

Virtual Offices are purposely affordable, they can start from as little as £50 per month! Please contact us online or call our team on 0203 965 7400 to discuss your requirements and find out how you can get set up quickly and easily.

Can I use Virtual Office as a short term solution?

Yes! Just like coworking spaces, virtual offices can be purchased on a monthly basis. We recommend that you always check the contract length before signing up to any virtual office membership. Our team will be fully transparent and help get you set up in no time.


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