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Office Styles

As part of our intelligent search process, at Find a Serviced Office we categorise offices in seven basic but distinct office styles. Budget, Classic, Contemporary, Corporate, Creative, Luxury or Modular.

We believe that by incorporating one one or more of the above styles into a serviced office search, we can identify the perfect outcome.

Budget Office

Functional. No thrills. Easy on the wallet.

As described and expected, a budget style office is primarily geared towards those who value savings and function over appearance. Suitable serviced office providers might include Lenta, Workspace and Workpad.

Classic Office

Timeless. Established. Mature.

An old-school classic design. Antique feel with plenty of luxury wood furniture/fittings and leather finishes. A big favourite of the legal industry. Due to it’s ‘acquired’ taste, few serviced office providers offer such a finish as standard.

Contemporary Office

Clean Lines. Modern. Minimal.

A modern finish favoured by a wealth of industries, ranging from fashion to finance and beyond. Suitable serviced office providers might include LEO, The Office Group. Boutique Workplace and i2 Offices.

Corporate Office

Commercial. Professional. Established.

A staple in the world of business. A corporate office finish exudes power and class. Suitable serviced office providers might include LEO, BE Offices, Orega and The Office Group.

Creative Office

Collaborative and Colourful.

Think media and advertising. Think young, trendy and hip and funky. Suitable serviced office providers might include WeWork, Mindspace and Huckletree.

Luxury Office

Oppulent. Sumptuous. Graceful.

Luxury office spaces give off an air of elegance and class. Suitable serviced office providers might include LEO, FORA and The Office Group.

Modular Office

Privacy and Focus.

Despite being vastly out-of-date, this original and classic modular design can still be found in offices across the world. Suitable serviced office providers might include Regus or Landmark.

Bridging a gap before moving to a traditionally-leased office?
We have you covered…

Serviced office or coworking spaces have forged their business on desk rental, and hot desks are a large portion of any coworking space’s ‘bread and butter’. In general, hot desks are approximately 20% less expensive than a fixed or dedicated desk, so if you feel that this style of working may benefit your operation, then it’s certainly an avenue worth exploring further. One must remember however, that this form of working can only facilitate a laptop or notebook for obviously reasons, but as with most coworking spaces, hot desking will also include the routing of calls to any specified location, creating a truly ‘agile’ working environment.


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