Selecting Space What to Consider


Selecting Space

When selecting a serviced office space there are a number of critical considerations that must be taken into account to ensure a successful placement for you, your people and your clients. Initially this can appear a daunting task but with the right questions asked and answered, you’ll be able to find a space that ticks all of the boxes.

What to Consider – Location and Logistics

You’ve identified a serviced office space in the ideal area. However ‘location’ is about much more than just a postcode. There’s plenty more that needs to be considered. Below are some key factors that may contribute to whether your new serviced space is a stunning success or a disaster.

1. Public transport services.

We all know how difficult and frustrating commuting can be. If your new space is in Central London you will obviously need to consider the closest underground and mainline stations. Also check if there are alternative travel solutions in the case of service disruption.

2. Planned closures.

Are there any long-term road, tube or rail closures planned for the main routes servicing the proposed location? This could not only affect your staff but your valued clients too. A little planning at the outset could save you a major drama in future!

3. How is the new commute?

A difficult commute can disenfranchise your people. This will affect productivity and can impact staff retention and recruitment. Carefully consider the journey you are asking your staff to make on a daily basis. This is especially important if you are relocating to a new area.

4. Local area image or reputation.

The reputation of an area can have a considerable impact on how your business is perceived, both internally and externally. A Mayfair address might be perfect for a luxury brand management company, whereas as Shoreditch location might be invaluable for a funky media company.

5. Your potential neighbours.

Consider your potential new neighbours, both in the building itself and in the surrounding area. Are they competitors? Could this cause an issue or be perceived as a benefit? If you are working in the same serviced office space as a direct competitor, this could expose your valued and important client relationships. Not good!

6. Your clients and target market.

Choose a space that puts you in the middle of your target market and consider your clients’ office locations. This will make it easier for both your people and your clients.

7. Client and staff entertainment.

Clients will need to be schmoozed and staff will need to let off steam occasionally. What’s nearby? Choose a space offers a variety of extra-curricular activities.

8. Food.

What does the immediate area offer in regards to restaurants and take away opportunities? Is there a diverse selection? Are there suitable places for staff and client entertainment when required?

What to Consider – Provider/Design/Services

1. What serviced office provider suits my business?

Serviced office providers come in a wide range of styles, levels of quality and service offering. Naturally the higher end providers offer a little more pizzazz but there are a plethora of mid-range and budget providers to choose from. Each provider has it’s own unique character and range of amenities and certain providers will suit specific industries better. This is where Find a Serviced Office will save you time, effort and angst. Tell us who you are, what you do and we’ll match you with the perfect solution. Easy.

2. The look and feel of your serviced office environment.

All providers have a signature look, bespoke to their target clientele and desired culture. For example WeWork have an immediately identifiable look and feel to their spaces but this might not appeal to a start up hedge fund for example. Conversely, there are more corporate-focused spaces that a hip and trendy media company would feel very much out of place in!

3. Amenities offered.

Some providers are well known for their ‘Prosecco on Tap’ or their meditation zones. The amenities offered by providers can make your work space a pleasure for your staff and a welcoming environment for your clients. They are all designed with accessibility in mind. Think of the type of work environment that you’d like to create and we’ll point you in the right direction!

4. Technical services.

If you operate a business that relies on bespoke, robust technical requirements, we strongly suggest that you speak to us first. This is an area where the wrong choice of provider, building or location can create unacceptable risks if not planned correctly. For example, if you are a hedge fund manager, is your chosen space MiFID 2 compliant? Do you need your own secure WiFi network connected to your own private network? Do you need an external IP address with a dedicated high speed internet connection? These are questions that must be answered at the very outset in order to pair you with the most suitable provider available in your preferred location.

Not sure which provider suits your business needs?
We’ll point you in the right direction…

Tip # 13

Incoming calls handled by a provider’s reception are free, but if you require a dedicated number and call-handling service this is subject to an additional charge (circa £75 per month). There can also be an additional surcharge if a set limit of calls received on a daily basis is breached (circa 150 calls a day limit). We can negotiate favourable terms for you


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