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Serviced vs Conventional

With the relentlessly increasing choice of coworking providers, many of whom have their own in-house sales-teams, it’s easier than ever to gain access to the serviced office market. However the vast array of options and scenarios can make navigation a minefield for those who lack the time or knowledge to benefit from detailed market knowledge. As mentioned throughout this site, coworking environments vary greatly many aspects – from design and amenities to service and clientele. There are also approximately 250 serviced offices spaces inside the M25 alone, with London holding the award for the world’s largest amount of coworking space at 8% of total office space!

Serviced Office vs Permanent Office

Serviced Office

Maintained by Office Provider

Short-Term Tenures Typical

Fitted-Out Office Space

Including desks, chairs and telecoms

Less Space per ‘Person’

Less floor space per ‘person’; usually in the region of 50 ft2 per person

Conventional Office

Greater Maintenance Responsibility

Long-Term Leads, Higher Business Conviction

Office Configuration Flexibility

Configuration flexibility to determine the layout of the property

More Space per ‘Person’

More floor space per person; usually in the region of 90-100 ft2 per person

Knowledge is Power

1). Completion timeframes

  • Generally the process from enquiry to occupation takes 1 month
  • Securing leasehold space is a much longer time investment, hampered by dilapidation surveys, refurbishment lead-time, multiple clause negotiation, telecommunications installation and a range of other factors.

2). Inclusivity of cost

  • ‘Total occupational cost’ are reduced into workable sections of expenditure.
  • The License Fee, for example, is composed of rent, rates, service charges, utilities, cleaning, security, furniture, maintenance / repairs, break-out areas, front-of-house services etc.

3). Size of initial outlay

  • Serviced Offices require a deposit of 2 months rent with a forward payment of the first month, alternatively a leasehold deposit/up-front payment terms are anywhere between 3, 6 and even 12 months

4). Flexibility

  • Serviced offices allow for occupation of space suitable at inception, and subsequent expansion throughout the life of the contract
  • Off-sets the perceived “high cost” of a serviced solution through minimising wasted spend on square footage surplus to requirement over time.


Office license levels are generally influenced by leasehold rents. Additionally however, license levels are highly influenced by occupancy rates.


In a serviced environment typically incur additional charges; for example, the use of meeting rooms, I.T., refreshments and reprographic services.


Can mean the difference between a successful placement or an unhappy customer. Not all coworking spaces offer the same level of service. Whether it’s design, amenities offered, location or price, there are a multitude of factors that should be considered when selecting your space.

“We believe that in order to truly serve a clients needs, there needs to be a meaningful understanding of a company‘s ’DNA’…”

As an impartial entity, dealing with ALL coworking providers, Find a Serviced Office has no such allegiance to any provider. Our allegiance is to our clients and our clients alone, and ensuring the very best possible deal. This is where our relationships come into play.

At Find a Serviced Office, we operate in a dual capacity. For those clients who like to take a more ‘hands on’ approach, our comprehensive search portal provides everything you need to conduct a comprehensive search.


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